Help! I have a problem :(

Help! I have a problem :(

In order for us to help you solve your problem efficiently please take the following steps.

1. Take a Screenshot of the Problem Page
Every time you experience a technical problem on the site, a problem with surveys, emails that you get from us, take a screenshot. There are hundreds of surveys, offers and pages on our site, so we can't be sure what page, survey or offer you are talking about.

To take a screenshot on your computer please follow these simple insructions:
To take a screenshot on an Android phone follow these instructions:
To take a screenshot on iPhone:

Please note when you send us your screenshot, it should contain the URL address line, so we could easily identify the page where you experienced your problem:

2. Email the screenshot to our support channel with a detailed description of the issue
The more detailed your description of the issue is the better we can help.

These two steps on your end will help us address your issue as efficiently as possible.

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