How many payments a month do I get to do?

How many payments a month do I get to do?

If you're not eligible for instant payments*, you should know that we process payments every two weeks. So, you can cash out about two times per month.However, there's no limit to how much you can cash out. For example, if you reach your cash out minimum and click the button to redeem, you'll get a notification telling you how soon the payment will be processed. If you accumulate more earnings to cash out before the date stated in the notification, you can click the redeem button again, and the amount to redeem will be corrected.If you make another redemption request while an earlier redemption request is still pending, our system will advise that you now have a later processing date.  However, we will still aim to release all payments requested by the original processing due date.* Instant payments are granted to users who have proven stable high quality responses to surveys without rejections from the market researchers whose surveys they have taken. To qualify for instant payments, in most cases you will need to have cashed out at least once, and for our support team to have confirmed the information you provided in your profile.
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