I have done a few surveys for you not to mention several others and have not received any payment

I have done a few surveys for you not to mention several others and have not received any payment

Most of our users participate in surveys on multiple sites. Please be informed that makesurveymoney.com will only pay for surveys taken directly on our site. To receive your compensation for surveys taken elsewhere contact the relevant survey site.

That said, you can find the surveys our site pays for on the following pages:
We also send you regular survey invitations to your email. Our email and survey invitation will always say it's from Makesurveymoney.com.

Before you contact our support about your payment, please check your account balance on your account overview page.

In the incentive details section you will always find information on the amount and type of incentive you have earned.
If your Total Incentives Confirmed is equal or higher than your cashout minimum (marked by the red box on the image above) you can redeem your payment from makesurveymoney.com.
You can have some balance in Incentives Pending line, which indicates that the survey results are still being processed.

It usually takes around 10-20 days for dashboard surveys' incentive to be confirmed.

Daily survey, Offer Walls, Videos incentive will appear on your balance within a few hours.

Incentives for Reading Rewards Mail will appear instantly.

Rewards Offers incentives are credited as soon as you complete the requirements for the offers in the rewards mail.

Friend Referral Incentives will be credited as soon as your friend earns any incentive. You'll be able to track your Friend Referral stats on a separate screen: https://www.makesurveymoney.com/referral-listing.asp

In rare cases your survey incentive can be rejected. This can happen if you provide false information on your survey.

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